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  On December 2, 1997…Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley convened a meeting of mayors representing the Chicago region’s nine suburban municipal associations. The original intent of this meeting was to discuss the continued economic health of the metropolitan area, but much more than a plan for economic cooperation emerged.

During five hours of deliberation and discussion, the spark and spirit of cooperation ignited a much bigger idea…the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus …a forum for discussion, cooperation, consensus, and change.

Today, the Caucus has grown in size, strength, and accomplishment. 272 mayors now make up the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus. The Caucus has addressed major issues and has made a huge difference in the areas of economic development, affordable housing, and so much more. It is second to none as a model for what can be accomplished when achievement, agreement and working together for the common good are top priorities. We invite you to scan this site for insights into what has been done to date and ambitious plans for tomorrow…