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Job Opportunities:

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The Illinois EPA processes Vehicle Rebates twice each year, at the end of June and at the end of the year, on a six month cycle.  Your approved Vehicle Rebate application will be processed for payment at the end of the next six-month cycle.  Please call the Illinois EPA at ( 800) 635-2380 if you have any questions.

Diesel Retrofits and Anti-Idling Technologies. Diesel Retrofit funding is available with 30%-75% matching requirement. While the program is rolling, it is best to get applications in earlier rather than later to secure the most beneficial match.


LED Sign Eco-Blitz Program and example Northbrook flyer.

Manufacturer-Sponsored Residential Electronic Recycling:

Vintage Tech Recyclers: Provides residential recycling programs to local governments sponsored by manufacturers subject to product stewardship legislation. Vintage Tech Recyclers offers collection events, permanent collection programs, and hybrid programs. For more information visit their website or 866-435-9223.

Com2Recycling Solutions: Offers a drop box program.  For more information, contact

Employment: Employment submittals will be charged a listing fee of $15.00 for member municipalities and $25.00 for non member communities. This listing fee will be invoiced to you. Once activated your listing run until you notify us that the position has been filled. To submit a position description, email Eve Pytel at

Request for Proposals: Caucus members may post RFPs here. Caucus members will be charged $20 for RFPs and nonmembers will be charged $30. RFPs will be removed on the opening day provided in the document. To submit a position description, email Eve Pytel at